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What to Consider When Branding Your Vehicle Wrap

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Vehicle wraps are without a doubt a cost effective way to advertise your business.

Almost any vehicle can be wrapped. A clever design, a splash of contrasting colors, and large in-your-face contact info, is usually the vehicle wrap standard set-up…but not always...which is the case for Illusions latest vehicle wrap. 

An unusual request

We received a request to wrap a limo and a hearse in our Wild Oak camouflage vinyl. Totally all camo, no bright contrasting colors, no contact information, no call to action, and yet it is definitely the perfect wrap for our client’s business needs and a big hit with the dearly departed.

Camo Hearse Vehicle Wrap

Apparently this type of funeral package is in demand. Who knew?

A themed branded design makes a perfect vehicle wrap

Just as branding hinges on quick recognition, vehicle wraps should follow the same rules. With UPS, it's the dark brown color that we all recognize. With our customer Bayonet Plumbing, it’s the green and orange colors. 

Bayonet Plumbing

Consider what your business is and what colors or images represent it. The images or colors used should let people know about your business immediately, before they read anything.

Sometimes the type of vehicle tells the tale of your business, as with the hearse. When that is the case, why not let creativity loose and break some rules!